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Product Overview - Herbalife Shake Mix

Do you have any problem in weight? Try to diet and exercise but it won’t work? There’s another way to help lose weight with minimum work. Herbalife, a biggest company that expertise in nutrition food. No drug, no injection. Just drink this delicious and healthy meal called Formula 1 Nutritional Shake Mix. It provide essential nutrients and quality ingredients in an enhanced formula. The key benefit using this product is

Beware of choosing cosmetics

Uploaded with When choosing your whitening materials to ensure they are regulated. Whitening materials available from nature and also through the synthethic process.There are ingredient at the whitening cosmetics such as 1. Arbutin 2. Acid kojic 3. Hidroquinon 4. Azelaic Acid 5. Retinoids 6. Niacinamide 7. Soy protein 8. Aleosin 9. Tranexamic acid Tip use cosmetics products. Before using cosmetic products that are purchased, users are advised to try

Drugstore product that won't buy by doctor

Uploaded with Not all drugstore product are really worked. Even the doctor also have product that they won’t buy at drugstore. There are :- 1. Candy.. Ha haha. The worst product available at many local pharmacy. Why they sell this even it is not a healthy product? 2. There are many product claim it can re-growth hair. The best treatment is using Rogaine as it has been approved by

Milk thistle for a healthy heart

Obesity and overweight is a growing phenomenon in the community. Overweight is actually a risk factor for several health problems like diabetes, heart disease, fatty liver disease, and several more. Fatty liver disease was once considered a disease of the West. However, due to changes in lifestyle and diet, incidence is increasing dramatically. It can be caused by excessive alcohol intake or the result of metabolic problems such as obesity,