COPD disease risk for smoker

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Are you smoker? Do you know that you have a risk to get COPD when you getting old? What is COPD ?Let’s get info about COPD. COPD is acronym for Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease that refers to chronic bronchitis and emphysema . This disease will make breathe hard to function.
The leading cause of this disease is smoking. Other than smoking, pollution and dust also may contribute to COPD disease.
Based on chest examinator expert, COPD begin in early 40’s. This disease will form slowly and can’t be detected. There’s no clear symptom but non stopping cough can be an early effect. Another possible symptom is the chest become packed tightly and easily tired. Serious COPD patient will hard to breath even for easy task such as cooking, cleaning or even walking to the bathroom.
Diagnosis and treatment
For smoker, there’s breath examination using spirometer . This examination use to check your lungs function. It will check whether your lungs in normal function or have problem. The main treatment is stop smoking. It ain’t easy for tough smoker but it must be done because it effect on your health quality. Other that than, the patient need to make more exercise because the risk to get COPD is low. But the main is still to stop smoking.
As a Conclusion, for those who a new smoker, let’s stop this bad habit because your health is important to your future life. If you have bad cough, go to hospital nearest. Prevent COPD in early age before you can’t do nothing at your old time.

Reference :- NHLBI