Dangers of dental diseases


Dental care is important for your health. There are cases where the death occurred because of severe dental pain. Infection in the oral cavity can cause diseases such as arthritis and colitis.Immunology medical progress as well as identifying oral bacteria, dental infections can cause heart and blood vessel disease, lung disease, diabetes and cancer.

Are Your Teeth Suffering From Poor Dental Habits?

This proves that the teeth and oral cavity to be a hope of breeding disease-causing microorganism moved to other parts of the body, especially gingivitis and dental supporting tissue.In the mouth there are hundreds of millions of bacteria, but there are reports saying that each contain 1.011 milligrams of dental plaque bacteria. However, not all harmful bacteria due mainly required for normal processing.The negative bacteria is P. gingivalis, B. and A. Intermedius Actinomycetemcommitans that causes inflammation of the gums and inflammation around the tooth root tip up to become swollen and pus. That’s why dental care is important not only for good health, but also high confidence when communicating with others. Care of teeth and gums should be started as soon as the baby grows teeth. Parents should teach their children to take care of their teeth so their teeth are healthy and stay beautiful as an adult.

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  1. To prevent teeth diseases, don’t forget to brush your teeth and use dental floss to keep your teeth healthy.


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