Diabetes : Possible diabetes complications

Diabetes need to be control. Poorly controlled can result in dangerous diabetes complications due to increases or decreases in blood glucose levels. In some cases short-term complications such as diabetes ketoacidosis (DKA) can require urgent hospital treatment to stabilise the situation.
There are many possible long-term complications caused by poor glucose control. Other long-term complications of diabetes include skin problems, digestive problems, sexual dysfunction, and problems with your teeth and gums. These relate mostly to damaged blood vessels and nerves and while many people may feel fine, actually their internal organs are deteriorating in function, which can lead to kidney failure and blindness.

Often with undiagnosed diabetes, it is these long-term diabetes complications which lead the patient to discover their condition. People with diabetes are more at risk of heart disease so it is important that your blood pressure and cholesterol levels are monitored regularly. This may mean that you have to take drugs to control these as well as your diabetes.


Evidence has shown that people whose diabetes is well controlled minimise their risk of developing complications. For this reason it is important that you are actively involved in controlling your blood glucose levels.The cause can be an underlying infection, certain medicines, or even the medicines you take to control your diabetes. If you feel nauseated, sluggish or shaky, seek emergency care.

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