Donate your blood

Have you donate your blood? If not, then read about this information.

Donated blood can save the life of someone in particular:

Accident victims
Patients who undergo surgery
Newborn babies suffering from jaundice (jaundice)
Thalassemia and Haemophilia Patient
Mothers who have spilled blood

You are eligible to donate if :-

Aged 18 years and above
Weight 45 kg and above
Healthy donation today
Never experienced a problem during blood donation
Not taking aspirin or any other medication within one week ago
Did not receive any immunizations during the last 24 hours
Not received dental treatment within the last 24 hours
Not having flu, cough, sore throat or any preformance infection within one week ago
Not undergo surgery within the past 6 months
Not pregnant or nursing a child under 1 year
Never received blood transfusions within the last 6 months
Not piercing on any part of the body (acupuncture, tattoo, CUPPING) within 1 year ago
Not a member suffering  Hepititis B or C

DON’T donate blood if:

Your lifestyle is not healthy (high risk) as follows:
a. Injecting drug use
b. Practicing homosexual / bisexual / exchanging sex partners
c. Sexual relations with a whore / prostitute herself
Ever had sex with those mentioned above
d. Carriers of the virus Hepititis B & C or have been infected with HIV virus or suffering from AIDS

You are also not encouraged to donate if you:
Suffering from diseases such as:
Heart disease
Being treated for any disease
Had undergone surgery less than six months before blood donation
Mothers who are pregnant or breast-feeding
Aim is to test blood alone

The process of donating blood

Go to Blood Bank
Fill in the form
Examination of blood pressure and body weight
Blood tests & hemoglobin levels
Break & refreshments

So make your donation now while you are healthy and well-qualified.
Your actions can save lives and the lives of your’s too.

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