Early symptoms of Parkinson’s disease

parkinson's disease

Parkinson has become popular disease especially after many popular celebrity has been affect to this disease. Parkinson’s disease affects the nerve cells in the brain that produce dopamine. There is no cure of this disease as treatments only can help relieve symptoms.
In the United States alone, 50,000 – 60,000 new cases of Parkinson’s disease are diagnosed each year. In United States, the Center for Disease control rated complications from Parkinson’s disease as the 14th leading cause of death. Worldwide, it is estimated that four to six million people suffer from the condition.
parkinson's disease

Parkinson’s Disease Diagnosis

There is no ‘one way’ to diagnose Parkinson’s disease however there are various sysmptoms and diagnostic tests used in combination.

Early Symptoms of Parkinson’s disease

There are early symptoms of Parkinson’s disease such as :-

1. Change in handwriting
2. Experience tremors or shaking when relaxed
3. Softer voice or masked face
4. Reduced sense of smell
5. Experience tremors or shaking when relaxed
6. Trouble sleeping
7. Stiffness and slow movements
8. Constipated

While there’s no cure for Parkinson’s disease there are things you can do to maintain your quality of life and live well such as :-
1. Maintain a healthy diet
2. How to navigate daily activities of living like grooming and sleeping.
3. Ways to make your life easier and safer at home.
4. How to handle mental health issues such as depression, anxiety and psychosis.
5. How to take care of your patient with Parkinson’s while taking care of yourself.
6. How to boost your mobility confidence

Reference :- Parkinson.org