5 Ways to Slow Down Aging

The process of aging is natural and it isn’t something we can stop. As our age add, skin will starts to lose its moistness and become prone to damage.
However, there are many natural ways available to slow down the aging process and look young. Here’s how :-

Drink Plenty of Water
– Human body is made up of 60% water and day to day routines deplete this valuable resource which needs to be replenished. Drink a minimum of eight glasses water every day – more is obviously better. Having adequate water content in the body will keep your internal organs hydrated as well as in good working condition. Additionally, it can help your digestive system run smoothly and stop bowel irregularity.
Alkaline Water
Last but not least, helps your actual skin look flexible, vibrant and supple by keeping it hydrated and flushing our wastes from the body.

Exercise Regularly
– Exercise is important as it will help maintain muscle-tone and flexibility as you get older and also improve overall health and fitness, help protect against heart problems and help to stay, look and feel younger. Exercise will enhance the blood flow throughout the body which can even help keep our brain fit.
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Reduce Stress
– Stress could increase wrinkle and could effect health. When stressed,we will lose the body’s natural balance which in turn causes damage to bodily hormone secretion, cell-repair and collagen generation. There are many ways for you to reduce mental stress.

Follow a Healthy Diet
– Follow healthy diet as well-balanced diet could help to maintain healthy. Stay away from read meat or beed and stick to seafood if possible. Get white bread and choose whole grain products.
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Get a fruit facial
– Make your own facial mask with the fruit. The fruit enzme called papain, exfoliates dried-out skin and reduced melanin deposition. The all-natural anti-aging skin care ingredient is soothing and healing.

Reference : 1Klassified Team NST1Klassifieds