parkinson's disease

Parkinson has become popular disease especially after many popular celebrity has been affect to this disease. Parkinson’s disease affects the nerve cells in the brain that produce dopamine. There is no cure of this disease as treatments only can help relieve symptoms. In the United States alone, 50,000 – 60,000 new cases of Parkinson’s disease are diagnosed each year. In United States, the Center for Disease control rated complications from


No parent wants to wake up one morning and not be able to recognize their child because he or she gained so much weight. Helping a child maintain fitness now can shape the way he or she views such concerns as an adult. Since physical health greatly affects the capacities of the mind, it is imperative that the children remain fit to help provide a brighter future. What can you


Taking good care of one’s skin together with gentle cleansing and sun protection can keep it well and shining for years ahead of him or her. If you don’t have the time for exhaustive skin care, get familiar the nitty-gritty. Taking good care of the skin and choosing healthy lifestyles can help by delaying the natural-aging process besides preventing numerous skin problems. Below are five tips that can help you

Flesh Eating Drug

A flesh eating drug has appeared in the United States after being discovered in Russia a decade ago. A street drug called krokodil or crocodile real name is desomorphine and it is similar to morphine and heroin. This flesh eating drug gets its street name from the fact that it turns users skin scaly and causes rough patches to break out all over the body, It also eats its victims

Remote Patient Monitoring: Could it Reduce Hospital Readmissions

Remote Patient Monitoring: Could it Reduce Hospital Readmissions? Patient education is a big task for healthcare providers. Theoretically, when patients are taught how to take better care of themselves when faced with things like chronic illness, they’ll be more able to avoid expensive and potentially lengthy hospital stays. Physicians, nurses and individuals in similar roles can quickly learn which patients are likely to resist compliance just by looking at a