Natural Detoxification Facts

Contrary to common belief, natural detoxification is not a new concept. People have been doing natural detox for centuries and since the herbs used in the process are still the same, nothing much has changed as far as detoxification is concerned. Below are a few essential facts that you should note about natural detoxification. Natural detoxification is the process of cleansing the body or all toxins through the use of

Health Benefits of Consuming Dates

For Muslim, it is only a month before Ramadhan and dates will be famous food at that time. But do they know about the benefit consume dates? Let’s read the health benefits of consuming dates

Check for your impotence!

Impotence is something that men would shame of. Google is not the best way to solve your problem unless you seek a doctor for impotence test. Before any further test required to check for your impotence, few uncomfortable questions will be asked by your doctor. When did it start? How long has it been worrying you? Do you get morning erections? Do you get erections at night? Do you masturbate?

paula Deen chef diabetes

2012 will end soon. Let’s look on what the biggest health stories 2012. 1. Celebrity Chef, Paula Deen diagnosed with diabetes The famous celebrity chef, Paula Deen has announced that she had been diagnosed with type 2 diabetes three years earlier. She has get criticism for keeping her diagnosis private while continuing to push buttery, high calorie fare. She announced coincide with the launch of a promotional campaign for the

Exercise at home

Not all of us have budget or time to exercise in gym. But there’s an equipment that can be used at home and work to burn more calories. There are :- 1. Resistance Bands – It is useful for beginner. The resistance band come in different resistance level and represented by different colors. For beginner, choose a medium strenght resistance band. It is easier exercise just folding it lengthwise or

Olive oil could reduce stroke risk

WASHINGTON: Senior citizens who take the olive oil in their diet have less face stroke risk than those who do not. Image Hosting It is the research of more than 7,000 residents of France published yesterday in the United States. Researchers from the Institute of National Health and Medical Research in Bordeaux, France conducted the survey of 7.625 people aged 65 years and above from the three cities of Bordeaux,