Effective Methods to Keep Your Horse Healthy

Horses are the epitome of health, elegance, and happiness, just the way you want to see them. Even if you follow all the horse management steps, your horse might get sick often. The problem is that apart from nutrition, there are other elements that play a vital role in a horse’s health. Here are few things to ensure for keeping your horse fit and healthy, both physically and mentally.

Lower the Stress Levels

Horses are watchful creatures, which makes them more prone to stress than other animals. To make sure that this does not happen to your horse, you must:

  • Do not force her to live alone. This makes them anxious and increases the stress levels. Consider boarding the horse with other horses in your property
  • Be patient when you are training or riding her, and seek professional guidance from places like Monmouth raceway, who are seasoned with horse riding management.
  • Understand her perspective and give her the space she wants. In short, let your horse act like a horse. You can sometimes loosen her to run on a big paddock or pasture.

Plan an Annual Vet Test

When the budget is short, most of the horse-owners often cut the idea of getting their horse examined every year. This is not the solution, as just like humans, even horses need to undergo an annual checkup every year. You might think that your horse is completely fine, but your vet can look into for problems that are undetected.

Proper Vaccination Every Year

Horses require vaccination against a wide variety of diseases such as Tetanus, Influenza or rhinopneumonitis, Equine encephalomyelitis, and West Nile virus, etc. Depending on your horse’s condition and your geography, the vet might recommend other specific precautions.

Nourish Your Horse with Quality Food

Being a horse owner, you know the importance of the health of your horse. For staying healthy and maintaining a robust figure, horses need hay or pasture. However, do not feed them with low-quality grain or cheap hay just to save your money. High-quality food determines the health and performance of your horse.

Examine the Teeth

While grazing in the wild, horses often wear down their teeth evenly after chewing and ingesting various plants. There are some cases when horses who live with their owners did wear down their teeth unevenly. Therefore, it is better to contact your vet and check your horse’s teeth. Veterinary doctors are also trained for filing down the mouth issues of horses such as a loose or abscessed tooth.

Maintain a Hoof-care Schedule

You may struggle riding your horse if she faces a problem with her hooves and legs. Since your horse has to stand most of the time, it is imperative to take care of your horse’s hooves and legs. Provide them with great hoof care routine, try finding a decent farrier, and adhere to the steps he or she enlightens you with.


Finally, you must make sure that your horse remains in a healthy and great condition. Get her to exercise daily in order to keep her body, hooves, and legs fit. Stick to the above-stated points and ensure the proper care of your horse.



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