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Stroke or stroke can change one’s life for a lifetime.Assault victims often experience paralysis and limb weakness at da side of the body or whole body. Many are aware of this disease, but not many people know how it could be attacked.Stroke is a health problem caused by blocked blood vessels and disruption of blood supply to parts of the brain resulting in part is not getting enough oxygen. This disease attacks a person suddenly causing death or half-body paralysis. Stroke is also known as brain attack because of this disease will cause blood flow to the brain is disrupted.This incident can happen in two different ways, namely: –

1. The blood vessels in the brain ruptures.
2. Blockage of blood vessels
According to experts, a stroke

can be treated effectively to reduce damage to the brain. The following are important warning signs that need to be monitored: –

1. Weakness or numbness suddenly on one side of the body. Sign of weakness, including the face and dull in the hands and / or legs.
2. Views of a sudden blur in one eye or both eyes.
3. Difficulty speaking or understanding speech, or speech that is unclear.
4. Dizziness, loss of balance, confusion.
5. Severe headache.

These signs should be considered before a stroke of bad happened. Hopefully, this guide is to provide knowledge and skills useful for all of us.

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