Mental Health

Mental health is closely linked with our lives. People often associate mental health with mental illness, but this statement is inaccurate.

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It involves daily living include:

Foster feelings, thoughts and behaviors that are positive in themselves.
Ability to interact well with other people, groups and environments.
How does a person handle the responsibilities, problems and stress arising from daily life.

Characteristics of positive mental health

Recognizing the strengths and weaknesses themselves.
Able to control emotions.
Willing to accept failure.
Able to avoid immoral activities.
Appreciate yourself.
To others
Able to communicate effectively with others.
Capable of giving and receiving affection.
Know to appreciate and trust the other person.
To accept opinions of others in public.
Able to face and solve problems.
Able to resolve the conflict with the wise.
Able to make decisions for themselves.
Willing to get help if we fail to solve everyday problems.

Steps Towards Positive Mental Health

Accept themselves realistically.
To operate the well (time management)
Planned changes in life wisely.
Foster harmony and love with family members and others.
Maintain physical health.
Providing time for physical activity and recreation.
Ensure adequate rest and sleep.
Handle stress effectively.
Practice the basics of a good spiritual.
Share your problems with others and get professional help if necessary.

People get mental health will get :-

Low self-esteem.
Stress in life.
Conflict and the collapse of household / family.
The tendency to immoral activities (drinking, Bohsia, drug abuse, incest and adultery)
Work environment unpleasant.
The tendency to use violence to solve problems (child abuse / spouse, road bullies, school bullying)
Increased risk of mental illness.

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