Do Fad Diet Really Work ?

Fast diet or so called ‘easy weight loss diet plan’ often promise a drastic or extreme weight loss in a short period of time. In the long term, it does not guarantee the maintenance of weight loss.


In addition, long term practice of fad diet can be hazardous to health as these plans usually consist of unbalanced diet such as high protein diet or very low calorie diet. Low or no carbohydrate diet will force the body metabolism system to use protein and fat as the main source.
In the long run, this process will accumulate harmful substances such as ketones that are hazardous to health. Detoxification diets which claim to help purify the body system can also cause side effects. Detox diets do not help you lose weight heavily as the majority of such diets contain laxatives that cause diarrhea which can lead to dehydration, body mineral imbalance, and create digestive problems.

The appropriate way to lose weight and maintain a healthy weight is through a healthy lifestyle, including the adoption of a balanced diet and be physically active. Physical activity will help to tone up your muscle and faster the weight reduction as muscles burn more calories than fat cells.
The rule of thumbs of weight loss :

– Lose weight slowly and gradually to have better physical condition and more lasting effect.
– Set realistic goals, ideally lose 1/2 to 1kg of body weight per week.
– Reduce calorie intake, but do so without adversely affecting other essential nutrients needs.
– It is recommended to reduce 500kcal daily, of which 250kcal is through physical activity and the other 250kcal from healthier food selection.
– Increase the duration of physical activity up to 90 minutes a day
– weigh yourself regularly at the same time,at least once a week, preferably before breakfast.

Source : Nutrition Division Ministry of Health