Five Careers in the Health Sector You Should Look Into

There are a myriad of careers open for those wishing to work in the health sector. It is the biggest employment sector in the country, with opportunities in the National Health Service, in the private sector and also in the voluntary sector and with charities. Here is a selection of health sector workers employed in a variety of settings.


Chiropractor – Self-Employed or in Private Practice

Chiropractors work with patients with musculoskeletal disorders, most commonly treating those suffering from back and neck pains, headaches and migraines, sporting and accident injuries and whiplash-related problems. Treatment is usually by manipulation of joints, but the chiropractor also looks at the overall health of the patient. A comprehensive chiropractor education is needed for this career.

Environmental Health Officer – Employed by a Local Authority

Environmental health officers are usually employed by a local authority, although large companies may also employ their own EHO. They tend to specialise in one of a number of areas, including food safety, health and safety, pollution, contaminated land and housing. They may also be involved in public health and public education initiatives, such as safety in the home, healthy eating and keeping-active programmes.


Pharmacist – Usually Employed in the National Health Service

A pharmacist dispenses medicines. Their training gives them an in-depth knowledge of how the body reacts to a huge array of medicines and they give advice to both doctors and patients. Some pharmacists have extra qualifications and are able to prescribe some medications. Pharmacists may be involved in public health programmes such as smoking cessation and diet advice and may also offer some medical checks such as blood-pressure monitoring.

Ambulance Crew – Working in the National Health Service

Personnel driving ambulances are the first medical staff to arrive at an emergency. They need to be able to assess a situation and act swiftly and administer immediate emergency treatment prior to patients being moved to hospital. Ambulances are also used to transport patients for appointments in hospitals and the staff need to be able to assist those who are less mobile, as well as having a calm and pleasant manner.

Events Organiser – Employed by a Charity

Many of the big health charities, such as those that help cancer patients, employ events organisers whose role is to arrange fundraising events. This may be a summer of races or three or four large auctions or celebrity nights. They may also manage groups of volunteers to fund-raise in their local area. The money raised goes to fund research, buy equipment or to care for those suffering from a particular condition. This is an important role as health budgets are stretched and most medical research is not government funded.

This touches briefly on five career possibilities in the health sector. If you think that working in a health-related role may be a good choice for you, there are many other possibilities to investigate.

Joanne Marsh writes about various aspects of the health sector. She has been writing for several years about work and training within this sector, including subjects such as chiropractor education.

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