Foods to Eat After Denture Surgery

Do you have bad experience after denture surgery? It keep pain because you keep the wrong food. It is a challenge figuring out which foods to eat after the surgery. Your entire mouth is soft and tender so any food which needs you to chew is not a good idea. But you NEED to eat. Here are a few tips that will help you find foods that you can eat with more comfort and safety:

1. For the first few days, avoid anything that requires chewing action. If you had a bigger number of teeth extracted, you dentist probably had to use stitches in your mouth. Chewing will aggravate these stitches and will make you feel miserable. Resort to food items that you can simply swallow such as applesauce and pudding. Even bananas cut into small pieces can be eaten.

2. For several hours after the surgery, you mouth is likely to remain swollen. Hot foods can aggravate the situation. Stick to room temperature or cool foods. Go for some soups which would taste great even after cooling down to room temperature.
3. Do not say no to baby food. Baby food is for babies when they have no teeth. This is exactly why it would work great for you too. Enjoy a jar of pureed peas or one of the yummy deserts.
4. Supplementary liquids such as protein shakes are also good to take during this period. You will get the vital nutrients without having to chew.
5. Avoid foods that are likely to stick to your mouth or teeth. For example, cake can stick to your teeth or to the upper roof of your mouth and getting rid of that can be very uncomfortable.

Talk to your dentist to make the right choice. It can be very frustrating, trying to find edible foods. But remember, this is a temporary situation and once you are healed, you can start chewing again.

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