Gene Variant Link to Male Breast Cancer

I think most of us have heard about male breast cancer. Maybe it is not really popular for male than women breast cancer but it still a disease that could kill. There’s a research from American Cancer Society that male breast cancer is 100 times less common than female breast cancer. The prognosis is similar to that for women.
In the new study, researched examined the DNA of 823 men with breast cancer and found that there’s a variation in a gene known as RAD51B found in 20% of them. This cause also been linked to female breast cancer. The findings show that there’s linked mutations in a gene known as BRCA2 to a higher rate of breast cancer in men. The mutation could increase the risk of breast cancer.
The ability to predict breast cancer is still far away but there’s a progress.

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Most of male don’t really pay attention to male breast cancer. It is a disease that need education for male. If there’s many knowledge about female breast cancer, the male breast cancer also must be known. It is important because this disease is dangerous and could kill.

Let’s learn some basic knowledge about male breast cancer.

What is male breast cancer
Male breast cancer often happen to men between the ages of 60 – 70. The risk factor include exposure to radiation, genetic and high estogen levels.
It is a rare disease and less than 1% of all breast cancer cases report. Cancer begins when normal cells in the breast begin to change and grow uncontrollably, forming a mass called a tumor.

Symptoms of male breast cancer
The symptoms of male breast cancer include changes to the nipple or breast skin, lumps, discharge of fluid from the nipple

How to detect male breast cancer
It is same way as breast cancer in women through self-examination, clinical examination or x-ray. Changes in the breast may be easier to detect because men have less breast tissue.

Treatment for male breast cancer
There  a treatment such surgey, radiation, chemotherapy and/or hormone theraphy

Source :- Medline Plus
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