Gum infection

Do you have problem in gum infection? Gum infection is an unpleasant but common problem in which a viral infection affects the tissue of the gum. This disease may result in a number of other symptoms including potentially the loss of teeth. There are various forms of treatment that can help you to overcome it using home remedies and medication that will be prescribed by a dentist or doctor.

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Symptoms of gum infection
1. Gums may hurt or feel sensitive to touch and bleed when brushed.
2. Continual bleeding and appearance of becoming ‘long in the tooth’.
3. Discharge or ‘ooze’ coming from the gums
4. Teeth become lose and fall out

Treatment of gum infection
It is recommend to see a dentist and they will recommend specific toothpastes and giving antibiotics to treat the infection. You must use the antibiotics untill done.

Home Remedies gum infection treatment
Getting a light toothbrush and brushing as gently as possible. Use a suitable mouthwash. Alternatively you can use water mixed with salt. The antibacterial properties too and will help to kill the infestation. Mix a small amount of salt into a shot glass-worth of water and rinse this around your mouth before spittion out and do not swallow.

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