Health tips during Hari Raya Aidilfitri

weight Loss through sport


During festive Hari Raya many of Muslim taken big amount of food. This situation also happen during every festival such as Chinese New Year, Deepavali and Christmas.
It will effect our weight and healthy during these period. Research states that average weight gained during any festival is between three to five kilograms. For those worried about the weigh gained during Hari Raya try these tips :


1) Drink more water
– Drink one to two cups of plain water before eating, This is because water will fill 1/3 of the tummy. It also could stop from overeating. But avoid drinking water with sugar and drink plain water.

Alkaline Water

2) Increase daily exercise
РIncrease your exercise time a bit everyday. Not just go to gym, you also can do routine work such as  mopping the floor, wash clothes using hands or wash your car. You can also take the stairs to help you build up a good appetite and earn that second helping. If possible, do some light running to help build your metabolisme.

3) Eat what you like- but only a few bites
– Don’t overeating. Just get a few bite to feel the food. If you need to eat much, make sure you could calculate the calories.¬†Pace yourself, watch your portions. Choose smaller plates for your meal.

4) Don’t eat after 7pm
– Avoid eat after 7 pm as eat at late night the food will be stored as fat. So, get the time to stop eat.

5) Eat lots of vegetable and fruits
– On festive we will eat much more meats but don’t forget to eat greens or fruits.. Vegetables can help you balance your diet as well as keeping your weight in check.

5 Veggie that kill belly fat

6) Offer to babysit the kids.
– During the festive there’s many kids and offer babysit because chasing them helps you to burn some calories.

7) Fuel At Home
– Before going to others open house don’t arrive hungry. Eat first at home and it will make you less likely to resist the temptation of invading the tempting Raya cookie .

8) Hari Raya is not about food

-Keep in the spirit of Aidil Fitri and maintain the lessons of Ramadhan Hari Raya is a joyous time to express thanks for everything the Almighty has blessed us with. It is for us to enjoy each other’s company and maintain friendly ties with one another. –
Reference :- The Malaysian Times