How does haze hurt the body ?

Yearly problem in Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia come again. The haze season that bring bad for our body in numerous ways.

– During inhalation, particles and chemicals irritate the nose which secretes mocus to flush out the particles. As more mocus is produced, tha nasal passage become blocked and the nose swells.
The reaction is magnified in people who have allergic rhinitis.

Airways and lungs
– The particles may inflame the airways and the lungs as they travel downwards. The airways and lungs produce phlegm to try to get rid of the particles. The airways spasm to provoke a cough to expel the foreign matter.

– Those with eczema may find it becoming itchy and inflamed. Using moisturiser three to four times a day can help protect the skin.

– The particles and chemicals can cause burning sensations, irritate the eye into tearing to clean itself and inflame the conjunctiva, the surface layer on the white of the eyeball. Avoid wearing contact lenses and put on wrap-around glasses. Use preservative-free lubricants every hour to remove allergens.

|Tips Dealing with Haze|

– With the nose and airways inflamed, the body is under stress and the heart pumps faster, increasing the blood pressure. The body also releases chemicals that make blood clot more easily. Higher blood pressure and the formation of blood clots can cause a heart attack, stroke or heart failure.

General precautions
– People with chronic diseases, especially serious ones such as heart and lung diseases, should stay indoors and avoid physical activity outdoors when the PSI hits about 80. Kids and elderlys should avoid too.

Source : Singapore General Hospital

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