How Fast Can You Build Muscle

Doing fast can be a slogan of the current era. People do not want to waste time for waiting and prefer to obtain results in short terms. Unfortunately, not everything falls within the scope of such trend. Still, it is encouraged to make attempts and invent ways to accelerate the performance of any activity.

Today, people are highly embarrassed by their appearance and invest huge efforts in putting the body into shape. In that context, people are divided into several categories like those who focus on the BMI decrease, muscle gain, fat burn etc. In most cases, people combine few goals i.e. increasing musculature along with reducing fat in the body. Naturally, everybody wants it fast.

The category of users dealing with developing muscles are usually under the pressure of the following questions: how much and how fast. It is essential to specify that the context of the present publication is free of any artificial drugs that are capable to accelerate performance along with deterioration of your health. Hence, we encourage you to opt for natural and sound methods for your weight management tasks.

Muscle Building

It is a common practice that one trainer can say that your body can do one pound per week while another can decrease that value to one lb per month. The funniest thing is that both of them may be right. That is the principal peculiarity of muscle building world. A lot of small details including exercising, nutrition, body type, sleep, nervous strain and others should be considered. Otherwise speaking, it can be expressed as a chain consisting of a number of links. For example, your nutrition or workout program is not effective enough that results in the decrease of muscle growth.

Still, the readers are not interested in tub-thumping. They want to know what an average user can expect from a tough sweating in the gym and swallowing tons of rich-in-protein victuals ( . So, let’s attempt to generalize the information.

Is It Fast Enough?

Let’s imagine that you managed to maintain harmony between your nutrition and workout to achieve the optimum performance. So, your balanced diet and exercising can result in 0.5 lbs of musculature per week. Besides, this value is not the same for male and female users. Women will have to wait for more since 0.5 lbs per two months is expected.

Those who are shocked by these rather small figures should realize that it is referred to lean musculature but overall weight. It means that water and fat are not included.

How Can I Accelerate?

It is more likely that the bulk of the readers are willing to increase the rate of muscle growth by any means. However, you should realize that the mentioned figures are expected under the best possible circumstances. If you want more, your way is beyond natural methods.

In most cases, one cannot develop musculature anywhere close to these rates. Hence, it is important to set realistic goals and expectations. Muscle building process is a tough thing that requires a full commitment to what you do.

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