How Terrifying Are the Smoking Statistics Still in 2016?

Even though the highly negative and catastrophic effects of what smoking does to a person’s health have been well documented, there are shockingly still one billion people in the world who choose to smoke. Four out of five of these people reside in low and middle income countries where access to free smoking cessation services are limited or entirely non-existent.

The smoking statistics that exist today even in 2016 are still unbelievably terrifying. Eight million people are forecast to die from a disease linked to tobacco causes every year by 2030. Right now, six million people are dying from diseases linked to tobacco causes annually. An absolute minimum of 250 chemicals that are found in tobacco smoke are harmful and 50 of these are found to cause cancer.

However, not everyone who dies from a tobacco related disease chooses to smoke. 600,000 people die from second-hand smoke annually by breathing in smoke from the air most often in public places. Worse still is that close to half of all children breath in second-hand smoke on a regular basis.

For an illustrated look at the state of smoking in 2016, view this infographic created by purplebox vapours.

Infographic-Smoking in 2016, Where Are We Now

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