How to Prevent Eye and Lip Wrinkles

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Keeping your skin in good shape is the best way to avoid wrinkles; once they form, you may need to resort to invasive procedures to get rid of them. Sun exposure, toxins, lack of sleep, poor hydration, and a diet high in processed foods can all allow wrinkles to start.

How Wrinkles Form

The muscles under your skin act on the terrain of your face. Over time, your skin loses elasticity as collagen production drops, and the skin falls into the grooves created by the muscles, or sags around the muscles and creates crinkling, such as the corners of the mouth or the eyes.


Many people struggle to find a moisturizer that doesn’t feel sticky or heavy. If you suffer breakouts from a moisturizer, consider using a serum instead. A serum has all the skin benefits of a moisturizer but doesn’t have any product in it to hold it close to the skin. As you get used to the serum, look for oil-free moisturizers to use around the eyes and lips.

Always carry lip balm and use it regularly. Keep some in your makeup kit and put it on before you apply lip color. Get in the habit of feeling moisturized, such as having lip balm on your mouth, so you always know when it’s time to apply a bit more product.


Look for products that have sun protection built-in. Sunburn is serious skin damage, and even a little UV exposure over time can lead to serious health issues. You can suffer from a lot worse than wrinkles from too much tanning. If you love to be outdoors, carry and wear a hat to keep the sun off your face. Use a facial tanning lotion from the collarbones up while on the beach or in the garden, and use sunglasses to reduce squinting.

Additionally, stay hydrated while you’re out in the sun. Yes, your hat may heat up your head. When you get in the shade, take it off and let your scalp breathe a bit. It only takes one scalp sunburn to understand just how sensitive the skin on your head is, so keep your head and face out of the sun to prevent damage, burns, and wrinkles.


Working muscles build muscles. This may work well for your arms and legs, but it’s not great for your face. Treat yourself to a calming breath when you feel the muscles in your neck tensing up; your face is probably tight, too. Wrinkles across the forehead and around the eyes will get more prominent if you scowl, frown, and squint a lot. Smiling can increase laugh lines and eye wrinkles. Relaxing your face into a pleasant, calm state can reduce that musculature build-up.

If you have a special event coming up, consider a spa day, and get a non surgical facelift treatment or facial rejuvenation treatment like Scarlet SRF in Phoenix, AZ. It’s all about relaxing those muscles so the tissue and skin above don’t fall down into the gaps and grooves that lie inside the muscle tissue.


If you drink a lot of caffeine, you’re not well-hydrated. Water has to be part of your daily routine to keep your skin healthy. For every cup of coffee or tea, take in 8 ounces of cool water. Avoid using a straw; this can contribute to puckering, lip wrinkles, and bloating from gas.

Avoid sodas, both diet and regular. A diet high in sugar creates a lot of inflammation and carbonated beverages, in general, can be hard on the enamel of your teeth. Your body needs plain water to flush toxins out of your tissues, so drink up!


Fruits and vegetables are good for more than your colon. A diet high in processed foods, red meat, and sodium are hard on your face, too. Try to have something raw with every meal, such as an apple with breakfast or a salad beside your chicken breast for dinner. Bring carrot sticks or grapes for a snack so you can avoid the candy machine, and treat yourself to a little fruit juice instead of a soda.

When your body breaks down environmental toxins, it releases free radicals. Free radicals are carried off by the antioxidants we consume in fresh fruits and veggies. If they’re not, they destroy our tissues, causing premature aging and wrinkles. Finally, don’t smoke. Don’t hang around with those who smoke. Stay away from the smoking section in airports. Protect yourself.

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