How to treat bad breath

Bad Breath or Halitosis is a problem that occurs from some person. Major cause of this problem is cause by bacteria in the mouth. Bad breath can effect on the communication especially when you’re about to snuggle or whisper to your friend.

There are lot things that can cause of bad breath. There are :-

1. Stress
2. Gum disease
3. Food Debris
4. Dry Mouth
5. Diabetes
6. Smoking
7. Allergies

Prevention is the best way to avoid bad breath. There are some tips how to prevent bad breath :-

1. Brush your teeth and flossing regularly. Do it at least twice a day.
2. Avoid Smoking
3. Brush your tongue.
4. Avoid Onion, Garlic, Cabbage, Cheese, Spicy Food, Alcohol and Caffein. If you can’t avoid it, brush your teeth and drink plenty of water.
5. Drink more fresh water .
6. Regularly visit your dentist for checking at least 2 times per year.
7. Practicing using an oral hygiene of the mouth with cleaning, brushing and flossing. It prevents the bacteria from build-up on your teeth, tongue and gums that causes bad breath.
8. Use a tongue cleaner to clean the tongue. The fact is 90% of bad breath comes from bacteria on your tongue. There’s many product that can be used to brush your tongue.

There’s many myth about bad breath. Some of the information is untrue. Let’s read some of the myth:-

1. Bad Breath come from stomach. It is not true. It comes from germ.
2. You can smell your own breath.
3. Mouthwash with alcohol will effect for a short period. Some of dentist said that it just work for 1-2 hours only.
4. Coffee is not cause bad breath. The combination on the coffee product will cause the bad breath not the coffee itself.

That’s all. Ask your dentist for more advice.

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  1. Bad breath is a common problem to all of us, one common cause of it is the food we eat. We need to eat but we cannot deny that the food we eat can also contribute to bad breath though there are also certain foods which can treat bad breath like apple. If we are in our house, it is easy to deal bad breath, we just need to brush and floss our teeth, if we are outside, what we can at least do is to chew a sugar free gum.

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