Infographic : Back Pain Nutrition

Back pain is a leading cause of missed work. According to the National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke, nearly all adults suffer from some form of back pain in their lives. As reported by The American Chiropractic Association, Americans shell out upwards of $50 billion a year to treat various forms of back pain.

Inflammatory back pain happens when the joints in the spine become inflamed. The sacroiliac joints are most commonly affected, inflammatory back pain reaches other parts of the spine as well, including large peripheral joints. This condition affects 6.7% of adults aged 30-44, and it’s one of the more difficult back pain problems to diagnose. One of the best ways to manage inflammatory back pain (IBP) is through proper diet and nutrition—choosing the right foods to help you avoid joint inflammation in your spine. Inflammatory back pain is most commonly connected with ankylosing spondylitis and in time it may cause ankylosis.

Symptoms of inflammatory back pain include:

  • Unbearable pain at the onset
  • Back pain and inflammation lasting longer than 90 days
  • Early morning back pain and stiffness that improves after the first hour or two of the day
  • Sacroiliac joint tenderness (one or both joints)
  • Being male. Men are more likely to be affected by inflammatory back pain than women.
  • Strong genetic association with the gene HLAB27, whose presence is connected to autoimmune and immune-mediated diseases (i.e. ankylosing spondylitis—inflammation of the bones in your spine).

The graphic below will help show you which foods to add and which to remove from your diet for reduced inflammation. By exercising and eating a diet of non-inflammation causing foods, you can maintain a healthier back and spine. This will improve your pain levels and quality of life. We’ve also included a few recipes to get you started.


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