Infographic: How to Handle Concussion in Youth Hockey

Hockey is a thrilling, fast-paced sport that attracts millions of young players across the world. However, as a contact sport, its physicality can occasionally cross a dangerous line when players suffer concussion. In these cases, the player, their coach and their parents all have a duty to act responsibly so that the severity of the injury is minimized.

This infographic from Tucker Hockey outlines the dangers of concussion and what the player, coach and parents should do if a player becomes concussed. The underlying message to dealing with concussion cases is that you can never be too careful. It’s far better to err on the side of caution than to underestimate the possible consequences of the concussion and risk serious injury.

The player’s instinct might be to carry on for the good of the team, but when concussion occurs, their first duty must be to themselves. There’s no need to be gladiatorial about it; even the toughest of athletes get injured on occasion and will need to take a step back from the arena. It’s crucial also that a concussed player heeds all medical advice from their physician.

Parents must ensure not to rush their child back from a concussion-related injury. Even if the child is itching to get back on the ice, his/her parents must be firm in only letting them resume playing once the all-clear is given from a medical professional.

Coaches have a huge responsibility when it comes to concussion. If a coach suspects that one of their players may be concussed, they need to withdraw that player from the ice immediately and notify a medical professional. Only when a qualified physician approves the player to resume playing should they be let back on the ice by their coach.

You can never be too careful with concussion. If you’re involved in hockey, take a few moments to read the infographic below and always adhere to medical advice.


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