Infographic : Wearables : New Technology May Make Workplace Safer

It has been said time and time again that the dangerous jobs are found within the construction industry. It does not matter which part of the country you work in, the dangers are still the same. Statistics released by the Bureau Labor of Statistics (BLS)  reveal that almost 19 percent of work-related deaths come from the construction industry. With such numbers and dangers, more needs to be done to reduce the potential for accidents and injuries among construction workers. This is where technology comes in order to help change the stats. A number of companies are coming together to develop new technology that is meant to help workers be aware of any impending danger before it occurs. This new technology is called wearables. The purpose of wearables is to have workers wear them on their wrists or clothing so that they can help in areas that come with high risks. Workers who are likely to use these wearables are electricians, construction workers, loggers, and roofers. Below is an infographic highlighting this latest technology.  For more information, visit


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