Basic Information about injuries

Injury is one cause of medical problems that often occur. It involves all age groups and became the leading cause of admission to government hospitals and the cause of death in our country. Injuries can be divided into two parts, accidental injuries are not accidental and intentional injuries inflicted.

The main causes of injuries caused by accidental is:

  • Road accident
  • Fall
  • Poisoned
  • Burnt
  • Submerged in water

The main causes of accidental injury are:

  • Fights / attacks / crimes of violence and murder
  • Self harm such as attempted suicide

Head Injury

Head trauma can lead to brain damage as a result of:

  • Strong direct impact
  • Strong impact indirectly

Most head injuries are minor injuries. But severe head injury resulting

  • Severe brain injury when there is bleeding in the brain
  • Swelling of the brain tissue
  • Severe brain damage.
  • Severe head injury can cause permanent neurologic damage and death.
  • Head injury may be associated with injury to the body, especially the neck.

Who is at high risk of head injury?

The rider and pillion riders are those who are most at risk of head injury.
Other groups at high risk is

  • Road users
  • Construction workers
  • Members of combat sports and adventure activities.

How to detect the head injury?

Patients who have head injuries mungkn signs / symptoms of the following:

  • Involved in an accident or injury in the past
  • Swelling or sores on the scalp
  • Pain and dizziness
  • Blurry view
  • Vomiting
  • Memory loss
  • Convulsions
  • Decreased level of consciousness / fainting

How do I detect a serious head injury?

If the patient has one of the following signs, serious head injury may occur:

  • The decreased level of consciousness
  • Extreme sleepiness
  • Prolonged vomiting
  • Severe headache
  • Not able to move the hands or feet and reduced sense of touch
  • Unable to speak properly
  • Increasingly blurred eyesight

How can I prevent head injuries?

  • Prevent accidents
  • Always use safety equipment when using the vehicle:
    Motorcycles – wear a helmet correctly.
    Cars – wear seat belts.
  • Always follow the traffic rules for the safety of all.
  • For construction workers:

  • Wear a helmet every time
    Always follow the safety rules at work.

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