Know Your Dentures

Do you regularly see your dentist to check or change your teeth? It can become a phobia for some individual to see dentist.

If your dentist recommends dentures for you, you obviously have a list of questions cropping up in your mind. Having your teeth replaced is a major change and it takes time for the thought to sink in.

Many dentists will give you as much information as they think is reasonable. However, it is important to know these five things:

1. Dentures these days look very much like natural teeth. A good dentist will use your skin tones and help you select the right shade for your new teeth. Also, the dentist will take measurements to ensure that your new teeth will fit well in your mouth. Once everything heals up, you should have a natural-looking smile.

2. It is normal to have lots of saliva in your mouth for the first few days. Your mouth is full of new entities – your dentures – so it is going to do what nature intended. You should keep extra towels and/or tissues handy. Do not worry though; this will change in a few days.
3. For the first few days, you would not be able to eat normally. Initially, you will probably stick to soups and other similar foods. But as you heal, you will get back to solid foods. Soon enough, you will be celebrating your new smile with your favorite food.
4. It will be difficult to talk for the first few days. You will have to re-learn some of the phonetics with the new dentures in your mouth. In fact, some patients have lisps at first. But this will go away with regular practice. Just keep talking and learning.
5. Your dentist can readjust your dentures if they make you uncomfortable or lead to sore spots in your mouth. Many dentists offer six months to a year of free after-care which includes these adjustments. So, be sure to visit your dentist in case if you have any problems.

Overall, getting dentures is not very painful. It is just one process to make your teeth healthier. Knowing what you can reasonably expect after you get your new teeth will help you prepare better. Be sure to ask your dentist any other questions that come to your mind.

That’s all. I hope this basic tips will help you before see dentist.

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