Ministry recalls bubble tea product

Do you like to drink a beverage that using bubble tea?  This beverage has become phenomenal and many outlets has been opened.It is a bad news that Malaysia Health Ministry’s Food Safety and Quality took an action to suspend import of Taiwanese starch product used in bubble tea.

Press Statement 
KUALA LUMPUR: Importers, distributors and bubble tea pearl beverage operators have been advised to recall the products following a health scare in Singapore.

Health Ministry’s Food Safety and Quality director Noraini Othman, in a statement yesterday, confirmed that the import of 11 products containing maleic acid was suspended from this month and the use of maleic acid was not approved in Malaysia under the Food Regulations 1985.


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Maleic acid can be found in the tapioca starch balls, also known as “pearls”, usually used as an additive in bubble teas sold in beverage and dessert outlets in Malaysia.
The recalled products include tapioca ball from Sunright Corporation, tapioca starch from Hong Kai Foods, black tapioca pearl from Possmei International, indica rica powder from Sunright Foods, tapioca pearls from Shang Wang, tapioca starch ball from Grand Chainly Enterprises, tapioca pearls from Ting Long, noodles from Sin Chi Zhi Miang Chang, tapioca pearls from An Li Si, pure tea tapioca pearls (white) and pure tea tapioca pearls (black).
To date, it was confirmed that tapioca pearls produced by Sunright Food Corporations had not been imported into Malaysia.
Further verification has yet to be obtained from the Taipei Economic and Cultural Office in Malaysia.
Up to date, five out of 20 beverage and dessert operators in Singapore have recalled the pearls from their drinks, while several have sent their products for testing and their customers have been informed of the recall.
In a statement issued on Sunday, the Agri-Food & Veterinary Authority of Singapore (AVA) said it had tested 66 starch-based products from Taiwan and found maleic acid in 11 of them.
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