MRI scan not help breast cancer patient

Using MRI scan before breast cancer surgery mey not help to reduce risk to get second operation after additional tumor tissue. It also increase chance to get unnecessary mastectomy. The reseachers foudn that 300 women who had an MRI before do breast cancer surgery were no less likely to need a repeat to remove more tumor tissue. The findings from Archives of Surgery research based on the pre-op MRIs.
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In the research it also show that MRI may worsen the cancer by raising the possibility opt for a mastectomy when they might otherwise have chosen ‘breast conserving’ surgery. From the result, it might seem that pre-op MRI would help surgeons get all of the cancer or even the risk of a cancer recurrence. The cancer surgeon at East Carolina University in Greenville, North Carolina has work on the study and found that pre-op MRI come with potential downsides and very costly.

Source :- News Yahoo

It’s still early to give conclusion about the MRI scan and breast cancer. Always get some advice from expert if you don’t know what to do if found with breast cancer disease.

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