Reason to avoid Prescription Sleep Drugs

One method for sleeping problem is by taking prescription sleep drug. But there’s a new study links that prescription sleeping pills could increased risk of death and cancer. Their researcher record of 10,500 sample who took presecription sleep aids and compared to those who didn’t take the medicine. From their finding, it show result that people took as few as 8 pills a year had about a 350 percent increased risk of death. But don’t panice because the study doesn’t really prove of the death by taking sleeping pills.
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If you struggle with sleep and want to solve it not using pill, these tips can help you :-

1. Make a schedule. Pick time to sleep and stick to it. It will keeps your internal biological clock on track. If you want to stay up, make sure you wake up at the same time as you would on a weekday.
2. Avoid sweating four hours before going to bed. Taking a hot bath approximately 90 minuters before bed could help to regulates sleep.
3. Count your way back to sleep. Maybe all of you known about counting imagination sheep. It sound boring but it could help you.
4. Try herbs like passion flower, valerian root and magnolia bark. It can aid with sleep and can be consumed in a tea or supplement. A melatonin supplement can be a safe and effective if you take the proper dose.

Source :- MSN Healthyliving

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