Nail fungus infection


Fungus nail infection is a disease that occurs in the toe nails or hands. It causes extreme pain, and foul-smelling pus. This disease is caused by a lack of hygiene both feet. It can also be caused by wearing shoes with a narrow and a wrong way of cutting nails. Toenails should be cut straight across and not rounded shape or form U.When you have to nail fungus, do not expose the infected toe in a dirty environment.

Fungus Nail Treatment

Herbs treatment
1. Balsam leaves – finely ground leaves & paste the infection nail.
2. Take henna and mashed with water.
3. You can also use henna mixture and salt and grind / blend until smooth.

1. Eating a lot of oranges and citrus fruits rich with Vitamin C will help boost your immune system hence protect against bacteria and fungus.

Treatment Oil
Lavender oil, oil of oregano , Clove oil, red rosemary oils, lemon grass oil, Tea tree oil, and Epsom salts have antifungal and antibiotic properties to cure nail fungus.


Wash nail fungus with alcohol
Ethanol is a disinfectant and in treatment, it cleans all the bacteria in the cagu. In addition to killing bacteria, the use of ethanol is also very good for dry areas to prevent bacterial infection of the new breed in the area.

1. Purchase alcohol that contain ethanol in your pharmacy nearer.
2. Buy a cotton bud
3. After the bath, or each time the foot is wet, dip a cotton bud into ethanol and Instill the infected area.
4. By using a cotton bud earlier, align to all parts of the cagu. Please press gently with a cotton bud so that ethanol can enter the room and all the parts in nail fungus area. If it is not enough, Instill new again with ethanol. Press, press again for it seep into every corner of the infected area.
5. Leave items per minute.
6. Take a clean cotton bud and absorb all the new ethanol mixed with pus until completely dry. Remove the cotton bud.
7. Repeat steps 3, 4, 5 and 6 above for 2 more times for all the pus came out from all parts of the nail fungus infection.
8. Finish the treatment by using a new cotton bud, dip into ethanol and Instill to all infected area. Push-press area with a cotton bud until all the ethanol is entering the infected area.
9. Do not dry ethanol and continue to run for ethanol is really into all the spaces and voids fungus.
10. Within the past 2 – 3 days,your nail will healed.
11. Avoid wearing shoes with wet feet. Avoid tight shoes. Do not cut nails, but U-shaped chisel-shaped cutting edge, but the tip of the left and right in the curve (circle) state slightly.

| Treating Toenail Fungus |

This tips I’ve get from For more information, refer to your doctor.


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