New Born Baby Care

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Newborn Baby Care
Common disease and is very dangerous to your baby are:

1. Respiratory tract infection
2. Lung infection (pneumonia)
3. Seizures are usually caused by infection of the brain, chills, low blood sugar and high jaundice.
4. Lack of blood sugar (Hypoglycaemia)
5. Cold (Hypothermia)
6. Yellow (Jaundice)
7. Infection in the blood (septicemia)
8. Other diseases such as Congenital Heart Disease, and the imperfections of others.

You are advised to bring your baby to a rural clinic / clinic or the nearest hospital if your baby experience following problems after birth:

1. Sleeping too long could hardly move (more than 2-3 hours)
2. Do not want / not feeding, always crying
4. Looked tired and lifeless boh.
5. Fever or Jaundice
7. Fever, cough and cold
8. Not respond to the environment such as noise and others.
9. No urine or feces after 24 hours of birth.
10. AND OR vomiting Abdominal Bloating.
11. Shortness of breath or breathing terialu normal respiration rate:
# Children younger than 2 months is 60 times per minute
# Children aged 2 months to 1 year was 50 per minute kati
# 1 year to 5 years is 40 times per minute.
12. Blue at any time.
13. Was pale.

Your baby may have one of the above diseases, and he needed immediate treatment to prevent further complications and death.


  1. Thank you for the details. I have a seven month old child and I’m doing extra research everytime he’s asleep to get reassured that what I’m doing in terms of taking care of my baby is right.

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