Repair Brain Circuits using Neuron Transplant

Harvard University neuroscientist, Jeffrey Macklis and colleagues has make study about the possibility to transplant fetal neurons into brain. The study use muse brain and it work. The researchers use the method to repair a genetic defect that caused obesity. The study has been published on journal ‘Science’ on November 25. The researcher has use mutant mice that commonly used as an animal model for researching diabetes, obesity and dyslipidemia.
The transplanted neurons repaired the defective brain circuits with the result that they gained substantially less weight. The mice still grew and fatter than normal mice but not obese. In their paper, they conclude that from the experiments, it show that transplanted neurons can functionally reconstitute complex neuronal circuitry in the mammalian brain. It is proof of concept for the idea to integrate the new neurons to brain…They are now moving onto what they call “controlled neurogenesis”, where scientists direct the growth of new brain cells from inside the brain, thus opening a new route to regenerative therapies.

Reference :- Medicalnewstoday

It is still on research. There’s no really proof that this method suitable for human…

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