Olive oil could reduce stroke risk

WASHINGTON: Senior citizens who take the olive oil in their diet have less face stroke risk than those who do not.

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It is the research of more than 7,000 residents of France published yesterday in the United States.
Researchers from the Institute of National Health and Medical Research in Bordeaux, France conducted the survey of 7.625 people aged 65 years and above from the three cities of Bordeaux, Dijon and Montpellier, for a period of five years.

During the study period, only 148 of them a stroke.

The survey was separated into several groups related to their use of olive oil – than those who did not live to those who use it to menyapunya on food, cooking and making bread.

Researchers are also separate groups based on body weight, physical activity and diet to find groups who eat olive oil intensively exposed to only 41 percent of stroke than those who did not eat at all.

The findings published in the Journal of American Medical Academy of Neurology. – AFP

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