Why need supplement Digestive Enzymes

In my previous entry I have wrote about the need to enzyme supplement. In this entry, I’ll focus on supplement digestive enzymes.
Do you know about digestive enzymes ? It is the enzymes that maintenance our pH in the gastrointestinal tract, help facilitate digestion, act as barrier against bacteria and viruses and help facilitate digestion.
Basic enzymes is cellulase digests fibers, lipases digest fats, sucrase digests sugars, amylase digest starches, proteases digest protein and lactase digest dairy product. Some of enzymes are extract from animal sources such as stomach of cattle, pancreas and liver.
Enzymes can work with the substance nad need to be in contact with our meals.

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Why need supplement digestive enzymes ?

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There’s such a question why we still need to get supplement? It is because we don’t get enough enzymes in our meal. Is it true? You don’t need supplement if eat 90% fresh raw foods. I think most of us just eat some fresh raw foods as our meals. So that’s the big reason why we need to get supplement digestive enzymes.

If you become older, you need more digestive enzymes. The enzymes exist in your human body system goes down. It need more supplement to keep your body still in good condition. One supplement that you must get is supplement digestive enzymes because it will help your body.

Form of Supplement Digestive Enzymes

1. Capsules
– Most of supplement digestive enzymes come in capsule form and made of gelation or vegetable cellulose blend.
2. Bulk Powder
– There some enzymes come in bulk powder and provide a little plastic scoop for user to measure. You can miz it with food or drink.
3. Chewable
– It is become popular form now. Using chewable form, kids can use it properly.
4. Liquids
– It is in liquid form.
5. Fruit-derived Enzymes Only
– There are supplement from fruit such as papain, bromelain, actinidin and ficin by papaya, pineapple, kiwi and fig.

Okay that’s all some type of digestive enzymes. Check with your nutrition expert to get more help.

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