Product Overview – Herbalife Shake Mix

Do you have any problem in weight? Try to diet and exercise but it won’t work? There’s another way to help lose weight with minimum work.

Herbalife, a biggest company that expertise in nutrition food. No drug, no injection. Just drink this delicious and healthy meal called Formula 1 Nutritional Shake Mix. It provide essential nutrients and quality ingredients in an enhanced formula.

The key benefit using this product is :-

1. It contain 20 vitamins, minerals and essential nutrients.
2. Contain 9g of protein and healthy fiber help support weight management.
3. Includes the antioxidant vitamins C and E.
4. Contains Aminogen®†, plus bromelain and papain, to support protein digestion.
5. 0 cholesterol; 0 trans fat.

This is good enough for your body. It also include fiber, soy protein and essential nutrients that could build up your metabolism, repairing celular growth and production.

For more info, refer Herbalife official website

p/s :- Refer to your doctor and expertise before using this product. We won’t responsible any harm if you use this product.


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