Scents to Help You Work

One of the things that can make a huge difference in terms of your overall stress and tension in life is feeling productive at work. When you’re able to sit down at your desk in the morning and efficiently get all of your to-do’s done, it can have a powerful effect on your mood in all areas of your life. Not to mention improve your chances of being promoted or getting a raise at your job.

But of course, there are many factors that can make it difficult to concentrate in the workplace. Perhaps you have some co-workers that distract you or you aren’t able to get as much rest in the evenings as you would like. So how can you improve your productivity when you’re in a pinch?

The answer may surprise you: aromatherapy with essential oils. Some recent scientific research has demonstrated that if you utilize the right essential oils in the most strategic ways, you can improve your performance in the workplace. Aromatherapy is now getting a lot of attention by the scientific community, with hundreds of studies being conducted in the past two decades alone.Research is demonstrating that there are oils that can improve your short-term memory recall, heighten your problem-solving skills, increase your ability to focus, and keep your stress levels low.

So how do you use aromatherapy in your day to day life? Essential oils have strong scents that can be applied in a variety of ways. You can either add the oil directly to your skin, spray it into the air and then inhale it, drop it into your coffee or tea, or use a diffuser that will spread it around your office space. You can check out the infographic below to determine which oils will be most helpful for you according to the specific issues you face.

By learning about all of the amazing uses of essential oils, these powerful plant-based tools can be your go to approach when you want to add productivity and ease into your workday. And you may just improve the mood of everyone in your workplace!

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