Skin Tone for you

To be truly beautiful, it is important for women to love their own skin. Each person is different and we all display beauty differently. An important aspect of this is knowing your perfect skin tone. Skin tone helps you know which colors you look best in and which ones will wash you out. When you dress in clothing to maximize your beauty, this makes you feel much more confident and happier about yourself. However, for many women, it can feel like an impossible maze trying to determine their skin tone.

Fortunately, it does not have to be this way any longer. This helpful infographic by Skintrium breaks down the process of determining your skin tone step by step, from checking your contrast to determining your skin’s overall season. These words and terms may sound foreign, but after you finish finding your skin tone, you will no longer be in the dark when it comes to your own personal beauty. Be confident in your skin, no matter what it looks like. When you feel beautiful, you will be healthier inside and out.