Mental Stress Can Harm You

The Internet allows everyone to have a voice in order to share a message. Many times, this message is upsetting, whether you agree with it or not. Conspiracies, environmental impacts, and the stupidity of humanity can cause you a great deal of stress.

Mental Stress

Even if you don’t believe in the messages that these individuals promote, there are many physical ramifications that you may not be aware of. Whether you are feeling anger from the content being asinine or fear because the message makes sense, your body is undergoing a great deal of stress. Even the slightest of feelings from being upset could cause you to experience various symptoms. These could include:

1. Restlessness – It’s common enough knowledge that those who experience a great deal of stress could have a hard time getting to sleep at night. The shortest of comments can cause one to toss and turn as they try to wrap their minds around the text. Sometimes we are even aware of how asinine the situation is, but are still unable to affect change within our mental state. You know that comment or theory to be nothing more than ridiculous, but you still find yourself unable to sleep thinking of nothing more than a single section of the theory – or the entire conspiracy as a whole.

2. Lack of Appetite – It’s unlikely that you’ll starve yourself because of the stress presented by a conspiracy theory, but it could impact your diet more than you realize. If you are one to subscribe to an idea that is promoted by an individual, the effects on your life could be devastating depending on the level of your belief. You could as easily be affected if you are in disbelief that humanity is less cerebral than you realize. Even those upset in the slightest degree could lose some of their appetite.

3. Anger – Anger and frustration are common when it comes to conspiracy theories. These emotions are seen on both side of the argument which can lead to other afflictions within the body. Prolonged anger could lead to the development of high blood pressure, candidacy for stroke, ulcers and a slew of other physical complications that could put your body in jeopardy. It’s easy to become angered when someone else doesn’t subscribe to your point of view, even if you have facts to back up your argument.

The Fix: There are many ways you can deal with stress without visiting the pharmaceutical department. Ways you can combat stress consist of:

  • Meditation: Practicing techniques to calm yourself can be very helpful to your body.
  • Proper diet: Some foods such as blueberries, almonds, milk and chamomile have properties which can reduce your body’s stress level.
  • Breathing exercises: Taking three deep breaths allows for an intake of oxygen which can help the body and mind relax enough for rational thought.
  • Mental evaluation: Realize that some people are on this world to do nothing more than cause problems. Keep yourself in perspective versus the ramblings of someone you may never possibly meet in person.

The nature of the Internet makes ignoring people and specific messages next to impossible. If you are one who can easily succumb to high levels of anxiety, your best option is to avoid conspiracies as best you can. Stress can be extremely detrimental to your survival. Relax and try to enjoy the Internet for what it is – a place where anyone can comment and share his or her beliefs whether they coincide with your own or not.

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