Smoking and Depression Lowering Your Testosterone Level

Testosterone is an essential ingredient in the proper functioning of the libido. Without it, the signal from the brain that produces an erection doesn’t reach the penis.


Medical research has found that smoking damages the blood vessels that a man needs to get and keep an erection. Smokers are four times more likely to be unable to get and keep an erection than nonsmokers just based on the damage that smoking does to the circulatory system and blood vessels. The more you smoke, the more you are adversely affecting your sex life.

A cigar smokers who seems to be immune to the usual ravages of cigarette smoking are subject to the risks of tobacco as a carcinogenic agent. It is not unusual for someone to get away with breaking sound health rules for a while. But statistics do not favor smokers – there are few or no exceptions to the rules, at least not for long anyway.

The most direct effect of smoking on a man’s sexual performance is that it constricts blood vessels, and thus can prevent a firm erection by restricting blood flow to the penis. And here is another important consideration. Although the evidence of the adverse effect of smoking on hormone production is less well-documented, some doctors believe that hormone production, including that of testosterone, is diminished by smoking.

Depression, in other way, robs your body of vitality. It interferes with your body chemistry and slows down your immune system, only more so! Depression, in most cases, is also basically something you do to yourself. To the depressed person, however, this may not seems to be so. There are cases in which physical and mental condition in the body can result in depression. But typically, depression results from a person’s mental reaction to a situation they find unacceptable and is, in that sense, self-induced.

It is easy enough to understand that if you are depressed you are likely to have decreased desire to be sexually aroused. This may have little to do with the fact that depression is limiting your body’s ability to produce that important hormone i.e. testosterone. Still, it is not difficult to imagine that a man suffering with depression, partivularly mild depression, may desire to have sex – and indeed may do.

Unfortunately, failure to get and keep an adequate erection is more likely to occur with such men. However, there are also many excellent sources of information available on this subject as well. Remember that in many cases, it is possible to learn to manage depression on your own. And if you cannot manage by your own, you must honestly admit it and seek the help of a psychologist or psychiatrist.

Thus, choose to have a great love life that lasts; give up tobacco! And by whatever means you overcome depression, you will greatly improve your life and your erections – the gratitude of your lady will be enormous!

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