Smokers could immunised against nicotine

There’s a research found that smokers could one day be immunised against nicotine. The researcher deviced a vaccing that floods the body with an antibody to assault nicotine enter the smokers body. A study using mice showed levels of the chemical in the brain were reduced by 85% after take the vaccine. It still need more research to find before it could tested on people.

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Lead research, Prof Ronald Crystal said

“As far as we can see, the best way to treat chronic nicotine addiction from smoking is to have these Pacman-like antibodies on patrol, clearing the blood as needed before nicotine can have any biological effect.”

There’s also another vaccines that have been developed to strength the immune system that bind to nicotine. It is to produce enough antibodies to stop the drug entering the brain and delivering its pleasure hit. The Weil Cornell Medical College have used different method by make genetically modified virus containing the instructions for making nicotine antibodies is used to infect the liver.
If the vaccine success, there’s also raise ethical questions about vaccinating people to start smoking.
Source :- BBC

Okay, I think it is better to avoid smoking. Maybe they will get the vaccine but it is still not worthy to throw your money into the smoke.

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