51 pound tumor removed

Can you imagine you have 51-pound tumor? It will effect our lifestyle. The woman from New Jersey identified as ‘Evelyn’ has the tumor and it is removed during ‘touch and go’ five hour surgery. She notice the tumor in late April after her belly started growing. She went to seek doctors at Riverview Medical Center in New Jersey early this June and dunno that there’s a tumor in his stomach.
51 pound tumor
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She’s going for CT scan and the result showed that there’s a fast-growing tumor called a sarcoma that weighed over 50 pounds. It is so big that it has covered her entire abdomen.
The surgeon at the hospital rushed Evelyn to the expert because the tumor was crushing her organs and the main vein leading to her heart. The five hour surgery has been successfull and the doctors can separated the tumor from surrounding organs one millimeter at a time, two surgeons were able to take the tumor out.
Evelyn survived the surgery and she is expected to leave the hospital and return home in a few days.

Source :- CBSNews

It ain’t easy. Maybe she’s lucky to remove the tumor.

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