HIV test approved by FDA, OraQuick

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has approved the first over the counter HIV test. The tester will allow Americans to test themselves for the virus that causes AIDS in the privacy place such as at home. The equipment called OraQuick test detects the presence of HIV in saliva collected using a mouth swab. The tester will give a result within 20 -40 minutes.
Many HIV carries not aware that they are infected. Using this testing kit will help them to aware of the HIV virus. It also an option for individuals to test so they can seek medical car if they found the result. From the trial conducted showed that the technology only correctly detected HIV in those carrying the virus 92 percent of the time. It is a good result which means the technology have high percentage true result.
The test in ruling out HIV in patients not carrying the virus accurate to 99 percent. Before this, FDA approved several HIV home test kits although those kit requore a blood sample to sent to a laboratory to examined. The kit called Orasure has also marketed a version of OraQuick to doctors, nurses and other health care practitioners since 2002. Orasure will set to launch in October and the product will selling through CVS, Wallmart and Walgreens as well as online pharmacies.

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A new invention, techonologies to detect one of most fearest virus around the world. Hopefully this kit help people to educate about HIV.

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