30 deaths on heat wave

America heat wave continue. The temperatures in several cities in US soaring over 100 degrees Fahrenheit (38 degrees celsius). There’s at least 30 people death because of heat mostly among the older people. Officials said, heat likely caused rails to kink and led a green line train to partially derail and caused highways to buckle in some sort of US cities.

Hot wave leads to much dire consuquences. Some psychiatric said that it could effect on mental health. The chemicals in the brain are probably going off balance and it will cause difficulties in what the brain need to do. It will cause the brain have difficulties to control anxiety.
In Canadia, the suicide rate increase during heat wave and there’s also increase in aggressive behaviour. It show the heat could stress the people brain. Heat also makes people easily tired even when they don’t do anything. It is because the central nervous systems tends to get depressed and that’s why people tend to feel lazy on hot days.

Source :- News Yahoo

This is happen when our world become older and there’s many pollution. For those who have some sort of this problem, drink more water to keep healthy.

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