Snoring problem


Snoring is a common problem among the public. Snoring is not only pose a problem with a partner but it relates to health.Snoring occurs when a habit of noisy breathing during sleep.It caused a partial blockage of the respiratory tract in the nose or throat, causing the vibration the soft palate and throat muscles to produce sound.Medical terminology for this problem is called steator. This.This problem is usually detected through medical diagnosis in the history of the patient or the couple who often have trouble falling asleep. Patients may also experience symptoms of snoring on daytime sleepiness, headache, tiredness, fatigue, feeling irritable, often wake up the night, the problem of lack of concentration and memory.The most dangerous if the patient falls asleep while driving fun, especially when traveling or waiting at traffic lights junction.

It is important for patients to get expert advice to determine if they have a serious problem sleep which known as sleep apnea. This problem has some serious level. Treatment for snoring problems depending on the source of the problem. Surgery can be done to treat respiratory problems such as narrow a large tonsil tissue, nasal polyps and others. If associated with sleep apnea treatment for continuos airway pressure is the effective.

Here are steps to prevent snoring: –

1. Lose weight
2. Avoid alcohol or drugs that affect sleepy at bedtime
3. Choosing a sleeping position on one
4. Adopting a regular sleep schedule every day.
5. Getting treatment for a stuffy nose or throat of a narrow space

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