Staying Fit And Healthy While Working A Desk Job

Most jobs these days have people glued to their chairs all day long with their eyes firmly fixed on a screen. The long hours and constant inflow of emails leave us drained by the end of the day and we are left with no motivation to hit the gym. This sedentary lifestyle not only results in weight gain but also poses the risk of severe health issues such as diabetes, heart problems, and stress-induced anxiety. With the time constraints and the terrible work-life balance, it becomes essential that you incorporate some healthy habits into your hectic schedule at work. Here are a few handy tricks that will help you stay fit while working in an office environment.

Walk To And Back From Work

Walking is one of the best forms of exercise for keeping those muscles in action and you can incorporate it into your daily routine by walking to and back from work. This will not only help you burn some calories but will also eliminate the stress associated with driving through horrible traffic each day. Invest in a comfortable pair of sneakers that are designed for walking and remember to carry a water bottle with you. You may find excuses to skip the gym, but you can’t really get out of going to work. So this is one exercise regimen that you will stick to for sure!

Make Necessary Adjustments To Your Diet

Most offices do not provide any healthy meal options and the takeaway diet doesn’t do wonders for the belly. If you are addicted to the fatty, sugary snacks from the vending machine at work, it is time to make a change to your diet. Pack some healthy snacks such as nuts and fruits to keep those sugar cravings at bay. Also opt for water, herbal tea or some of many alternatives to coffee. A homemade salad or sandwich is a much better meal than fast food from the nearest joint or the mass produced lunch provided by the office cafeteria. You can treat yourself to restaurant food on a special occasion, such as a project milestone.

Stretch And Walk Every 45 Minutes

Taking regular breaks while working will not only improve your efficiency but will also offer a chance to stretch the weary muscles. Sitting in the same posture for hours can lead to severe back and neck pain and an easy way to avoid this is to go for a short walk every 45 minutes or so. Instead of sending emails to your colleagues, try to walk up to their desks for a discussion, if possible. You must also relax your eyes by focusing on a point more than 15 feet away for a few minutes. Additionally, there are various stretching exercises that you can perform while sitting on a chair, which are perfect for shorter breaks.


If Available Use Your Workplace Wellness Program

From diet consultants to counselors for managing stress, companies these days are trying to offer a plethora of wellness benefits to their employees. If your workplace provides a corporate discount for gyms, swimming pools, or wellness retreats, then make sure to utilize the same. Some offices even offer massage therapies, have a mini-gym or recreation center in-house, which makes it easier to squeeze some exercise into the daily routine. Try to stay updated regarding the wellness program offered by your employer and also get in touch with the concerned person if you have any suggestions regarding the same.

These simple tips can help you stay fit despite your busy schedule at work. Making a conscious effort to utilize any spare time during the day for some mild exercise can go a long way in improving the metabolism and boosting the immunity. You will be surprised at how these small changes to your routine work miracles for your physical and mental health.



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