Symptoms and Causes Cancer – Prevent It In The Early Stage

Many times people ask different types of question related to cancer. However, there are few people those who understand the cause and risk factors of cancer. This disease is really harmful and affects any parts of the body. Cancer includes more than hundred various kinds of cancerous diseases. Every kind of cancer is exclusive and it has its own symptoms and causes, it also brings different ways of treatment. Do you know how cancer develops? Our body is made up of living cells. These living cells always multiply and divide, as body requirements. But when cells multiply and our body doesn’t require them, then there is cause of tumor. Tumor is known as malignant or benign. Malignant brings cancer and frequently attack organs and tissues. Benign is non-cancerous and can be removed by surgery or operation. Cancer can only be prevented in the early stage, it becomes important for you to know the symptoms. One of the best cancer prevention is risk assessment and cancer screening.

Some of the cancer symptoms are:


1.     Persistent Fatigue
2.     Unintentional Weight Loss
3.     Pain
4.     Fever
5.    Bowel Changes
6.    Chronic Cough




These are just unclear symptoms of cancer. If someone gets these types of symptoms, then its not necessary that he or she is affected with cancer. But it becomes important to rush to your doctor for a medical check up. Well, there are various types of cancer and all their treatments vary from each other.

Cancer: Step Outside the Box

Here below is some of the most common cancer:
1.     Leukemia
2.     Liver Cancer
3.    Lung Cancer
4.    Lymphoma
5.    Ovarian Cancer
6.    Pancreatic Cancer
7.    Penile Cancer
8.   Prostate Cancer
9.   Skin Cancer
10. Stomach Cancer
11. Anal Cancer
12. Bladder Cancer
13. Breast Cancer
14. Cervical Cancer
15. Colon Cancer
16. Endometrial Cancer
17. Esophageal Cancer
18. Kidney Cancer

It is important to prevent it at early ages. Ask the expertise..

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  1. Now a days most of them in men and women are suffering with cancer most of them don’t know how many types of cancers is there and what are signs for cancer.If they find symptoms in early stage it is better to stop in begining. These type of articles create more awareness on people. Thanks for sharing.

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