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Plastic Surgery Is Being Embraced By Everyone. Here's Why...

Sixteen billion dollars. That’s the amount spent on cosmetic surgeries in 2016. What’s even more astonishing is that this number only covers the United States. That’s the most Americans have spent in elective surgeries in recorded history The American Society of Plastic Surgery (ASPS), predicts that in 2018 this number will only grow. Elective surgeries are at an all time high. Plastic surgery used to be a somewhat secretive thing.

Why men figure prominently when it comes to getting plastic surgery

It is a fact men are conscious of their appearance as much as women. However men still spent more time at the gym or clothing stores they are also taking advantage in the field of cosmetic surgery and many are increasingly turning to make longer lasting and more significant self-improvements. So anyone who says men are not self conscious about their appearance should think it over because according to Dr.

The pursuit of beauty: Women and Plastic Surgery Motivation

Going under the knife is an extremely complicated decision for many women in this world. It’s not something they usually take lightly. It can be impossible to guess what motivates any woman to get plastic surgery, too. That’s because the potential answers vary so much. One woman’s motivation may be totally different than that of her best friend, sister or coworker. Physical Appearance Dissatisfaction Many women get plastic surgery procedures

Keeping Fit After Plastic Surgery?

Any surgeries, no matter how big or small will require from you to start the recovery process, as soon as possible. When it comes to plastic surgeries which can be quite specific in their recovery guidelines, sticking to the recovery plans is essential. Another important thing that can really help you out is exercising once the recovery period is finished as this will really allow your body to get back