The pursuit of beauty: Women and Plastic Surgery Motivation

Going under the knife is an extremely complicated decision for many women in this world. It’s not something they usually take lightly. It can be impossible to guess what motivates any woman to get plastic surgery, too. That’s because the potential answers vary so much. One woman’s motivation may be totally different than that of her best friend, sister or coworker.

Physical Appearance Dissatisfaction

Many women get plastic surgery procedures simply because they’re unhappy with something about their physical appearances. One woman may think she was born with a nose that’s too big or perhaps crooked. Another may believe that her breasts are too small and that they’re making her tops look unflattering. Some women are perfectionists and go under the knife to create the illusion of flawlessness. They can’t bear the idea of walking around with a weak chin, cheekbones that are too low and a stomach that isn’t 100 percent flat and toned.

Career Advancement

The modern world is extremely competitive. It’s a particularly competitive and cutthroat place for people who are trying to get ahead in their careers. That’s why it’s no big surprise that some women go under the knife to gain an advantage during the stressful job interview process. People sometimes believe that looking better will increase their odds of career success. The pressure to get plastic surgery can be especially intense for women who work in certain industries. Actresses often feel the pressure to go under the knife and alter their physical appearances permanently. The same goes for models. Physical appearance pressure, however, is something that exists for women with all different types of vocations and aspirations.

The Desire to Take Control of the Aging Process

The natural aging process can be tough on many women. It can be hard on people in general. Many women dislike looking in the mirror or at photographs and noticing conspicuous changes in their looks. Many women find it unbearable to think about losing their looks as they get older. Wrinkles, fine lines and noticeable age spots tend to start showing up. Sagging usually becomes an issue. It often becomes significantly tougher for people to lose pesky unwanted pounds on their stomachs, thighs and rear ends, too. Many women depend on plastic surgery procedures to help turn the aging process around. A woman might get a face lift to regain her formerly smooth and resilient visage. She may opt for a tummy tuck to get back the tight abdomen of her youth as well. There are many plastic surgery procedures out there that are associated with anti-aging benefits.

Peer Pressure

Some women go under the knife out of simple peer pressure. If a woman notices that all of her coworkers are suddenly investing in procedures such as rhinoplasty and liposuction, it may encourage her to follow suit. Peer pressure can be a major motivating factor for human beings. People don’t like feeling left out. They don’t like feeling like they’re missing out on anything good or potentially advantageous, either.

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